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In Conversation with Arvind Raja Yadav - Part 1

In Conversation with Arvind Raja Yadav - Part 1

Programmer, Game Designer, Founder of @pyrodactylgames

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Thank you all for tuning into our podcast. This is our attempt at archiving the history of game development of Indian creators, through their own stories and voice. We hope you find it interesting and engaging. If you have any thoughts and suggestions, please come by our discord and have a chat!

In the first part of this multipart episode Rishi and Yadu talk to Arvind Raja Yadav, founder, designer and developer at Pyrodactyl Games about making games from college, HL2 modding, finding Kickstarter success, dipping his toes in education, being indie, taking a break and working with larger teams at Ubisoft and Wolcen.

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